Get Smooth Skin: Bentonite Clay Mask Review


I’d first like to thank my friend, Ida, for changing my life by introducing me to this product! I got this jar of bentonite clay about two years ago for $12 off of Amazon.


I didn’t really use it that much when I first got it. But then about a month ago, I said yolo, and the rest is history.


The clay is a very fine greenish gray powder.


To make the mask, you’ll need a plastic bag, a spoon, and a cap of water~1 tablespoon of water.


Add you cap or 1 tablespoon of water to the plastic bag. We’re doing this in a plastic bag because the mix can get very messy and it’s easier to deal with in the bag. You can also use a plastic bowl. As long as you only use plastics to mix the clay, you’ll be fine. You must never use metal with the clay mix because it will react with it.


Add half a spoon of the bentonite clay to your cap or tablespoon of water, close the ziploc bag, and mix the clay and water together with your fingers.


When you open the bag, the mixture should be a regular yogurt to greek yogurt consistency.


Then you can rub this mask on your face (avoiding your eyes, lips, and eyebrows), wait until the mask is completely dry and starts to crack. At that point, you won’t be able to move your face because the mask will have dried out. Then, use warm water to wash off the mask. As the mask pulsates, it’ll draw out every inch of gunk in your face, and leave you with soft and smooth skin.

Update as of December 19th: I’ve been putting the mask over both of my eyebrows lately (because I’ve been getting pop ups of pimples on them), and it has worked well! I did not loose any of my precious eyebrow hair, phew!


I used it every night for two weeks straight, leaving the mask on for an hour each time (or longer if it hadn’t completely solidified), and then I washed it off. After one day, my skin was super soft, and after the two weeks, my acne was gone, and all the little blackheads that were in my skin were also drawn out. The mask is almost like a vacuum cleaner for your face! This two pound jar retails for about $12 on Amazon, and after one month of using it every night, I haven’t even made a dent in it. I’m sure it’ll last me well over a year!

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