An Unlikely Pair: Culottes & Blazers


When you live in SoCal, winter tends to look like fall. So I decided to try on my secret santa gift which were these culottes.


I guess you can say culottes are a pair of high waisted, free fitting, bermuda shorts? I liked this pair because it’s quite unique and interesting.

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There’s some black, white, blue, and red colors in these culottes, so I decided to pair it with an off the shoulder fitted black top.

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Because the culottes are so busy, I found it easiest to pick a color that’s present in the shorts – in this case black – and use that as my top’s color.

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To keep myself from freezing, I added this light blue faux suede blazer. It’s loose fitting and the texture is amazingly soft. The light blue color is the perfect compliment  to the culottes because it too is a solid color and in the same family as the colors present on the culottes.


To cap off the whole thing, I decided to go with my trusty ole sperry’s boat shoe. They are neutral, classic, and timeless.

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PC: Fiker


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