A Winter Wonderland: Anchorage, Alaska


I decided to visit one of my good friends in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska during our winter break, and let’s just say my stay was nothing short of a fantastic winter wonderland experience!


Apparently it hadn’t snowed in Anchorage for a while during the winter, but the day I got there, it started snowing!


To keep myself from freezing and maintain my inner fashionista, I opted for a simple but warm outfit.22a10

My blue faux suede jacket was the defining factor because it was lined with faux sherpa underneath, and that kept me plenty insulated.


Pink timberlands were essential in hiking up mountains that were covered in powdery snow. Even though the snow covered my boots, as soon as I got out of the snow, the pink timbs looked literally brand new! There was no water stains whatsoever. I knew they were waterproof but wow!


While playing in the snow, I used my leather gloves to keep my hands warm.


Underneath that I had some simple rings.


A chunky pink scarf kept my neck warm the whole time.


And when that wasn’t enough, I put on my faux fur hood and the warmth was ever-flowing.

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Of course I had to let my inner kid out and play in the snow since it was my first time seeing snow!

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PC: Min Joo


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