Tame Those Brow Hairs: NYX Brow Mascara Review


Problem: I have sparse eyebrow hair but I don’t want to use a brow pencil and have Nike logo eyebrows.

Solution: NYX Tinted Brow Mascara.

Problem: So I know how to fill in my brows, but they never stay in place! I am on fleek in the morning, but by the afternoon, guurrll, it’s rough.

Solution: NYX Brow Mascara.


As a self-proclaimed brow-obsessionado, I have to say I really don’t like using clear mascara to set my eyebrow hairs. And then the brow gods sent NYX, and they delivered me a  beautifully tinted brow mascara to set my eyebrows with.


Bottom Line: NYX’s tinted brow mascara is a great way for those who don’t want to use brow powder, brow pomade, or a brow pencil to fill in their eyebrows on the daily. If you’re looking to simply add a bit more volume to your brows and get rid of sparse areas, then the NYX brow mascara will do just that for you.

And for those who already fill in their brows, but they want staying power, then go ahead and grab this brow mascara as well! With it on, I promise you your eyebrows will pass the swipe test. Go on, take that index finger and run it over your brows after you use this product. Nothing. Nothing will come off, and you brows will be set for the day.


I got mine in expresso and it matches my colored & natural hair perfectly. If you already have the NYX eyebrow gels that are meant to be used to fill in your brows, then you may not need this because those work well to set your brows in place.


For $7 at your local Target, the NYX brow mascara is perfect to set those unruly brows or fill in sparse brows without needing too much tools.