Colourpop Neutral Liquid Lipsticks: Swatches & Review


The first Colourpop liquid lipsticks I got were Limbo and Kapow. I loved one and I absolutely hated the other. After they released their Ultra Satin Lipsticks, I had to try out Too Lips. Now, I have five: three liquid lipsticks and two satin lipsticks. Here we go!


From right to left:

Mess Around (satin lipstick)

Kapow (matte liquid lipstick)

Limbo (matte liquid lipstick)

Too Lips (satin lipstick)

Tulle (matte liquid lipstick)

Starting off with my natural lips (lol I even skipped the vaseline so you could see the true color). My top lip is darker than my bottom lip, so when I am looking for neutral lipsticks, I usually try and match them to my top lip instead of my bottom.


My favorite neutral lipstick purchase from Colourpop has got to be Limbo. This liquid lipstick is a chocolate brown color with a taaadddd of red undertones in it. It is very flattering, the formula is good, and it lasts a long time without being overly drying. I now own two of these for backup… you never know when they will discontinue these colors!

My second favorite neutral lipstick purchase from Colourpop is the Too Lips ultra satin lip. It is a brown plum color. The satin lip does not dry to a matte finish immediately like the matte liquid lipsticks do, but over the course of the day, they will become dry and leave your lips dry. To use, I recommend applying our handy dandy vaseline as a base, then applying the satin lip on top of it.

I had high hopes for Mess Around satin lip, but without a lip liner, the color is quite light on me. I was looking for a lipstick that I could just dab on and be on my way-without having to take the time to apply a lip liner. So overall, Mess Around is a nude lipstick that matches my bottom lip very well, but my darker top lip looks awkward without a liner. The formula is good and pigmented.


Tulle matte liquid lipstick was quite a surprise when I first got it. I expected it to be more of a neutral color instead of a deep coral color. It’s waayyy too bright for me to consider it a neutral lipstick per say, but I’m sure I can make it work with a dark brown lip liner.


My least favorite purchase from Colourpop is Kapow matte liquid lipstick. It is a grey tones brown color. In the photos, it looks good, but the formula is what makes this lipstick a loser for me. It is incredibly sticky and it refuses to dry. It is streaky and it cracks and separates so so much. I feel like I have to go through an ordeal in order to wear this lipstick. And don’t even try going anywhere without a liner with this lipstick or else you will in fact transform into Casper the Ghost. I find that even with a lip liner, the color still washes me out.

All of these lipsticks are $6 on the Colourpop website, and I swatched them on my lips without wearing a lip liner.