Rapid Makeup Tips With Mige

(1) Skip the light concealer under the brow, you don’t want to have floating eyebrows. Instead, use a concealer/foundation that matches your skin tone to clean up your brows, then you can use a peach/cream eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone.

(2) Barbie pink lipstick only looks good on Barbie… Unless you have a dark brown liner, then it’s fair game.

(3) Don’t use black for your eyebrows even if you have black hair. Just trust me on this one.

(4) If you’re chocolate, please please pretty please put down the banana powder. Topaz is your friend. Be like topaz.

(5) If the foundation does not match your skin tone, just leave it. Forget the sale, just let it be.

(6) Don’t skip the primer.

(7) Skip the contouring kits: there are always going to be shades that are useless to you/not your shades but because you paid for the kit, you will feel obligated to “try” these shades out. Then, you’ll end up having to spend more time “fixing” your face because you used a shade that wasn’t your true color.

(8) Put down the black: start out your eyeshadow with a color that’s similar to your face shade; better safe than having raccoon eyes.

(9) Your blush does not have to be red, and it is probably for the best if it is not red.

(10) Bronzer shouldn’t make you look like you were recently in a mud fight. #blend #blend #blend

(11) Don’t forget to brush out the beginning of your eyebrows. Yes gurl, it was harsh. Say no to #squarebrows.

(12) If you’ve been plucking one eyebrow for longer than 5 minutes, PUT DOWN THE TWEEZERS. Seriously, put it down and step back from the magnified mirror and re-evaluate the shape you’re trying to achieve. I know it’s hard, but take a look at My Current Brow State: #MissingHalfMyLeftBrow #ButIGotAGoodBrowPowder #ButNowItTakesMeLongerToDoMyBrows

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