Ask Mige: Part I

I asked y’all to send me your beauty/hair/style questions, and here are my takes on the ten questions I received!

(1) Question: What do you consider essential makeup? Because all I have is foundation, mascara, and eyeliner and I don’t know how to do anything else/what else I should get.

Mige’s Take: You are definitely on the right track! Although the idea of “essential makeup” varies from person to person, when I first started using makeup, I basically had those 3 things too.

Bare Essentials:

(1) Concealer

(2) Powder

(3) Brow Powder

(4) Mascara

(5) Basic eyeshadow quad (you can use the black eyeshadow as an eyeliner)

(6) Vaseline (say #no to crackling lips)

(2) Question: What is the best hairstyle for a man with curly hair?

Mige’s Take: The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out your curl pattern. Do you have thick ringlet curls? Loose curls? Or wavy curls? Once you’ve figured out your curl type, then you can choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape.

men face shape

Slim sides & heavy curls on top: This cut is suitable for a man with curly hair and an oblong, rectangle, or triangle face can usually rock the shaved sides, with a heavier curly top.

Moderate sides & moderate curls on top: This cut is suitable for a man with curly hair and an oval, square, diamond, or triangle face. The length of the sides should basically match the length of the top of your haircut.

Slim cut all over: Suitable for a man with tight curls and an inverted triangle face.

Another thing to keep in mind is that curls pop with products in them! Grab some mousse or a bit of leave in conditioner to not only nourish your curls, but define them as well!

(3) Question: What’s the best way to do your eyebrows and eye makeup if you wear wide, thick rimmed glasses?

Mige’s Take: I have a thick-rimmed glasses as well and I usually wear contact lenses, but lately I’ve been rocking my frames. In order to have your eyebrows stand out behind your glasses, you’ll have to spend more time defining them. A tip on making your eyebrow pop is highlighting your brow bone with a cream, peach, or white eyeshadow. Just make sure the eyeshadow is completely matte! (aka no sparkles or glitter). This gives the illusion that you literally just got your eyebrows done.

As for eye makeup, you’re going to have to step up your mascara and eyeliner game. Get familiar with doing a simple matte neutral eye with mauve/pink/brown colors. Light pink/brown/beige on your eyelid, then define your crease with a dark brown or dark purple, or dark pink eyeshadow, and then highlight your brow bone with a matte cream or white eyeshadow. Of course, don’t forget to blend for your life! Adding a sleek winged eyeliner will definitely make your eyes pop behind your frames. So, matte neutral eye + defined brows + highlighted brow bone + winged eyeliner = daaaayyyuuummmm gurllll.

(4) Question: Do you cut/trim hair? Do you teach how to cut/trim your own hair?

Mige’s Take: I do cut specific types of hair (afro-textured). If you have afro-textured hair, a simple way to trim your hair will be to wash it, section it into about 15 twists, and then snip off the last 1/2 inch of the hair in each twist. This will get rid of any dead or tangled ends, and leave you with nice bouncy, and curly ends!

(5) Question: What’s the best way to keep foundation from looking caked on?

Mige’s Take: Layers are your friend. Do not apply too much foundation in your first application and then try to blend everything out. It will never work. Start with less foundation, blend that out; then, go back in and spot correct the areas that you need more foundation in. Also, when you apply foundation, don’t buff/rub/swirl the foundation into your skin. The best way to get a flawless and streak-free foundation application is to stipple it into your face. Apply your foundation, and gently use your brush or beauty blender to essentially  “pat” the product into your face. This technique might take some getting used to, but trust me, your finished results will be #flawless.

Of course, don’t forget to set your foundation with a powder. Don’t rub that in your face either! Stipple the powder into your skin, that way you don’t “move” the foundation that’s already on your face by buffing or swirling the powder on your face.

(6) Question: Great (pinkish) lipstick shades for my South Asian brown?

Mige’s Take: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes , Tulle by Colourpop, Beeper by ColourpopMaybelline #940 Touchable Taupe lipstick, NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment.

(7) Question: Why should I use lip liner? How do I use/choose lip liner?

Mige’s Take: Basically a lip liner helps contain the color you are wearing on your lips and it also helps your lipstick last longer because the liner will usually remain even after your lipstick has faded. You choose a lip liner based on your skin tone and the color of the lipstick that you are trying to wear. I personally only have two lip liners: a dark brown lip liner that I wear with pink, nude, or red lipsticks that would ordinarily be too light or too bright for my skin (Pitch by Colourpop. Wouldn’t recommend this because it breaks so much, but it is pigmented. I’d recommend Chestnut by Mac instead). Then I have a dark purple lipstick (Nightmoth by Mac) that I use for all my purple lipsticks. Sometimes I combine Nightmoth with some of my red lipsticks to create a unique color.

The best advice I can give you is to get a lip liner that is pigmented and creamy. This is not a product that you want to skip out or go cheap on. I’ve tried quite a bit of lip liners from many drugstore brands and I have regretted each one. The only lip liner that has never ever failed me to this date is my Mac lip liner in Nightmoth. I bought it four years ago for $16 and I still have over half of the pencil left, and I have used it religiously on myself and on clients. It is amazing. The other lip liners I have tried from NYX, Milani, Maybelline, Revlon, etc are just not pigmented enough and you end up basically having to scratch your lips with those liners to even get some color on. The Colourpop lip liners are creamy and pigmented, but they break so so often, and they run out so quickly. I’m on my second Pitch liner in one year! So I would not recommend them as a long term investment

(8) Question: How do you get top liner to not smudge? Also do you have any recommendations for a good brand. thanks!!

Mige’s Take: The best way to keep your top liner from smudging is to use a gel liner or a waterproof gel liner. Ever since I found out about the Wet N Wild $4 gel liners, I have never looked back. These gel liners are soooo pigmented and they last forever and ever and ever. You’ll need an angled brush to apply it. It creates amazing winged liners!

(9) Question: I have a lot of facial hair but I like to wear makeup/foundation sometimes and I like to not have to wax/bleach/shave/thread/tweeze all my hairs off. How do I prevent foundation from caking/collecting around each of my hairs?

Mige’s Take: Guuurrlll, I feel ya. I’m no stranger to threading my own forehead and shaving my side burns too haha! But on those days when I don’t really care about it, I apply my foundation and set it with powder as usual. Then, I mist my face with water (it’s kinda like using water as a setting spray), before the water dries, I take a paper towel, put it over my face, and let it “absorb” the water that I just misted my face with.

Two things happen here. First, the powder that collected on your facial hairs get misted with the water, becomes wet, and when you place the paper towel on your face (before all the water dries), the wet powder will transfer to the paper towel, and also transfer the “caked on” powder to the paper towel. The second thing that happens is that the water helps you tone down the “cakey” look. Whether you have facial hair or not, misting your face with just water helps reduce the powdery look, and it’s cheaper than any makeup spray you’ll find anywhere!

(10) Question: My eyes twitch when I try to put on eyeliner, and pressing hard to keep them in place makes my lids swell. How do I put it on more gently so it turns out smooth?

Mige’s Take: You might want to try using a matte black eyeshadow to line your top lids instead of a pencil or a liquid liner. This way, you can take short strokes without having to press the product on your lids. Black eyeshadows are usually pigmented enough that you can easily sweep it across your lid, get great color payoff, and not have to worry about poking your eye out.

If this does not work, you may want to skip using pencil eyeliners (which is what I am assuming you’re using) and switch to gel eyeliners. With gel eyeliners, you get great color payoff, without having to poke yourself with a pencil. Instead, you’ll need a small angled brush to do the application. For me, I feel that i have a steady hand with brushes than with pencil eyeliners. A great and cheap gel eyeliner are the Wet N Wild gel eyeliners.

I hope you all enjoyed my suggestions!! If you have anymore questions, ask me!


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