How To Wear A Purple Lip


“DAYUM MIGE, YO LIPS ARE POPPIN!” Said everyone that has ever seen me wearing this lip combo.

Forget the classic red lip, the bold purple lip is now in session. I’ll admit that I’ve been more attracted to purple lip colors than I have been with red lip colors. There’s something about a deep purple lip that basically sets my face for severe #slayage.

In order to wear a bold purple lip, you’ll need two things: a dark purple lip liner and a purple lipstick. I have quite a bit of purple lipsticks ranging from light, medium, and dark, but three are my usual go to purple lip colors.


As you can see, Milani’s Matte Glam is a complete dupe for Mac’s Heroine. Milani is $6 and Mac is $18.


Once you’ve figured out what lipstick you want to wear, you’ll need a darker lip liner to outline your lips with. I have been obsessed with my Mac Nightmoth lip liner. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and I haven’t even used half of the lip pencil. It’s ultra creamy and incredibly pigmented.


Start outlining your lips from the bottom. Make youre you follow your natural lip pattern. Of course, do not forget to put some #vaseline on your lips before you line it.


Then proceed to line your top lips. Don’t overline just yet. There’ll be plenty of time to do that later. For now, you want to focus on carving out your natural lip perimeter.


In order to avoid having a harsh line, make your you carry the lip liner a little bit into your lips, so that it isn’t just one whole straight line.

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Use the lipstick to fill in your lips and blend the lip liner together. Once again, only focus on filling in your natural lips. Also, don’t take the lipstick all the way to the perimeters of your lips. You want the outline of your lips to reflect the darker lip liner and be darker than the middle of your lips.

Purse your lips together moving left to right, not back and forth or up and down. This way, your don’t end up getting lipstick over the perimeter of your lips.


Smile for the camera!

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