Munching at Sea: Carnival Cruise Food


What do we want? F O O D

When do we want it? N O W

Where do we want it? Ok now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to formally add a disclaimer that this post will contain numerous photos of irresistibly appetizing food. Hungry readers, be forewarned.


Exactly 10 days ago, my friends and I went on a cruise to Mexico in commemoration of us finishing college and embarking on a new journey. While we were excited for our cruise adventure, no one told us how aahh-mazing the food was going to be on board. Because the cruise food was included in our trip, we really had no expectations for what we were going to get, and boy were we surprised.


For breakfast, we had pancakes and blueberries


More pancakes, but with chocolate generously drizzled on it. And just in case we didn’t have enough chocolate, there’s a side of warm chocolate on the plate.


Orange juice and coffee to give us energy for the day

7a 5a

More pancakes and bacon, of course


On our last day at sea, they had a steak and eggs brunch. There were eggs, fries, stuffed tomato, steak, and other delicious things I do not remember.


For dinner, we usually began with an eye-catching appetizer like this tomato and mozzarella combo


They even had escargot on board!


The salmon cake was one of my favorite appetizers


But nothing compares to my scallops. So tender, so cute, so yummy!

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The stuffed mushrooms take second place for most tasty and pretty appetizer


Dinner was quite a feast. There were plenty of seafood entrees to choose from.


The steak even got an approval from our French friend who is notorious for being a picky steak-eater!


I’ve had my fare share of pork loin, but I must say the caramelized onions on this baby was simply exquisite.


What’s a cruise dinner without a lobster ravioli?


Now if you thought the fun ended after the entree, think again. Then comes the dessert and pure happiness.


Take for instance this chocolate lover’s dream. Three layers of chocolate in three different forms. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a side of warm melter milk chocolate. Are we in heaven yet? Yes, yes we are.


This chocolate melting cake was a hit with everyone on the cruise. The top was perfectly baked to reveal a warm, oozing, and rich chocolate center. What’s a chocolate melting cake without a side of vanilla ice cream?


Let’s not forget to eat our veggies now… in the form of a carrot cake.


If carrots aren’t your thing, there’s also a coffee cake


S’mores parfait anyone?


I’m not usually a pie person, but sweet baby Jesus, this banana cream pie was so smooth and rich. And combined with the pecan vanilla ice cream.. I think we’ve reached heaven again.


Needless to say every meal was left like this: Empty plate, satisfied stomach.