L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Review


One of my absolute favorite drugstore foundations is this L’Oreal Infallible pro-matte foundation. I’ve tried my fair share of drugstore foundations and this product is truly a force to reckon with. My one and only gripe with the foundation is its limited shade range.


The foundation claims to be pro-matte and it does exactly that. It goes on smooth and stays completely matte for a couple of hours. After about 5-6 hours, a little oil starts peaking through, but it is nothing compared to other foundations I’ve tried. The foundation also claims to offer 24 hours of wear, and I can vouch for it for up to 16 hours. It does not break apart or become patchy after a while like other foundations do.


My color is the darkest shade they offer. It’s 112 Cocoa, and as you can see it’s quite orange in color. Because of this, I don’t usually use this foundation by itself, and if I do, I make sure to set it with a darker powder to even out the orange undertones that it has. Most days, I mix this foundation with my Sephora 10 hour wear foundation to give me a little glow.


For $11, I went back to Target and picked two more for backups!



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