Oily Skin Holy Grail: Kiko Mat Base Primer Review


When it comes to wearing makeup and having oily skin, it can be quite challenging to come to terms with what your skin needs and what your heart wants it to be. And thus the lord sent down help in the form of a mattifying primer.


The Kiko Mat Base Primer is the perfect solution to oily skin because it can be used as a primer by itself without applying any makeup after. It can also be used as a mattifying face primer for oil skin, and it can also be used to control oil even after makeup has been applied.


So for those who do not like to wear makeup but want to control a particular part of their face that’s oily, this primer is perfect. For those who have oily skin and want to wear foundation without looking like a grease ball, this primer is perfect. And for those with extra oily skin after they’ve applied their foundation, this primer is also perfect to apply after foundation!

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The primer dries to a completely matte finish, but if you use too much or layer it on itself, you will get a white cast. Thus, I recommend only using a tiny amount to start with. Also, it is better to pat this product into the skin than to rub it in.

I first encountered this primer when I was studying abroad in Spain. There was a Kiko store next to my homestay and I decided to take a stroll in it. I tested the primer in the store and I almost jumped for joy. Then, I bought three primers on the spot. Once it was time for me to return back to the States, I bought five more primers to bring home with me!


Thankfully, Kiko has a website that you can order from, and they are coming to LA soon! The primer retails for $15 on their website.