Brighten Your Winter Gloom With These 5 Highlighters

We may not be fairies but I’m pretty sure highlighting powders are the closest we’ll come to the powerful strength of fairy dust! During the summer, our faces are usually glistening from erm sweat and that #bronzeglow, but for the next six months, here are a few highlighters to help you fake that glow:


My favorite highlighter in this entire world is the Nars Albatross highlighter. I was so unbelievably hesitant to buy this highlighter but thank goodness I did because it truly is the only way to get your life straight. Although the Nars Albatross highlighter looks like white powder when you buy it, the magic happens when you actually swatch it on your skin. Then the squealing commences. I believe this is the only highlighter which can be used universally on all skin tones because it has a gold undertone that compliments everyone so perfectly!

On the lower end of the cost spectrum, I use the Lorac Tantalizer bronzer as a highlighter and I absolutely love it. It comes in a beautiful small package that has a little sliding hook mirror! This highlighter would not be universal because it will definitely be a bronzer for most fair toned people and a highlighter for darker skinned people.

Although the Bobbi Brown highlighter is undoubtedly a very popular highlighter, for the price, I found it to be a bit lacking when compared to the Nars highlighter because the Nars is just so perfectly milled and the gold is a true yellow gold that is irreplaceable.

If you’re looking for insane drama, then absolutely head on over to the Mac gold deposit aisle. This highlighter is very intense and you need to be prepared for it!

If you have dry skin and are looking for a cream highlighter, then I recommend the NYX illuminating stick. It’s very pigmented and the highlight is not too intense nor is it weak. It sits very well in the middle and it’ll be sure to give you a nice glow during this gloomy winter!

Now, go forth and slayeth  dah world.