Stay Fly not Cracked: A Guide to Applying Liquid Lipsticks

I know everyone and their mother is obsessed with liquid lipsticks. I mean who wouldn’t? The name itself is completely revolutionary: liquid lipstick.

But for far too long, we have all witnessed the hot mess that happens when one underestimates the drying effect of most liquid lipsticks. This usually ends up leaving its wearer with a severely cracked lips and weird dried up chunky pieces in the center of their lips. And forget when they smile. Cheee[craaaccckkk]eeessee!

Let’s fix this in 3 steps:

  1. Add vaseline to your lips at least 10 minutes before you’re going to apply your liquid lipstick. If you just apply vaseline and then wipe it off immediately, you have set yourself up for cracked and dry lips.
  2. After the vaseline has had time to marinate on your lips, take a paper towel and thoroughly wipe off the vaseline from your lips. You might have some dead skin cells slough off when doing this motion but it is good! Shed the death weight to reveal butter soft new lips.
  3. Add a bit more vaseline and pat your lips with the back of your palm. Now, you should have only the slightest hint of vaseline on your lips and it should not disturb the application of your liquid lipstick.

Ready, set, slay!