San Francisco Food Crawl

Because we were bored and bougie, my friends and I took a trip to San Francisco this past weekend to embark on our very own Food Crawl. For eight hours, we ate, drank, and explored the city from the busy streets of the Mission to the posh streets of Hayes Valley.

Our first stop was La Taqueria Cancun, where I got a soft taco with beef tongue.

Then, we headed to a chocolate-lover’s dream: Dandelion. The smell of chocolate is quite strong as soon as you step foot into Dandelion but the presentation and layout of the chocolatier is fantastic!

I got a thick chocolate with a chunky chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate was closer to dark chocolate than milk chocolate and I’m not really a dark chocolate fan so it wasn’t a hit for me.

My friends got a five piece platter that was very visually appealing as well as deliciously tasting!

Afterwards, we went to a Thai restaurant and had the most incredible duck over rice dish; and lastly, we closed up the night with drinks at Sugar Lounge- a new go-to spot!