Transformation Friday || Sleek Eyes & Red Lips

This may or may not be the face I make when my friends volunteer their faces to Mige’s Parlor:

Today, I had the lovely opportunity to slap all types of makeup on my friend’s face to create a sleek eye and bold red lips look.

The main trick to nailing any type of makeup look is to have a clean and even canvas. I achieved this by using a great primer that allowed the foundation to go on her skin very smoothly. Moreover, an accompanying tip is to add the foundation in layers instead of adding so much at once. Also, it is better to add little foundation and then use the face powder to add more coverage if needed. This stops the face from looking too cakey from the foundation.

Moreover, the secret to any bold look is a deep, rich, bold lip. In this case, I chose a deep crimson red color. To achieve a sleek look, it is better if the lip is matte and the lips are filled in all the way. I applied her lips with a brush in order to make sure that I filled in her lips correctly and didn’t smear any lipstick outside her natural lips- this will of course mess up your face makeup, so don’t rush!

Ready, set, slay!