4 minutes fresh face makeup for the Chic on the go

We’ve all been there: after hitting the snooze button so many times, it’s do or die; Since we all don’t have the luxury of a makeup-applying pink corvette like Penelope #childhoodcartoons, I’ve put together a quick, easy, and affordable fresh face makeup tutorial for y’all.

First, you want to make sure you’re working with a freshly washed face.

|| Tip || To make sure your face is soft and supple, try slathering your face with coconut oil after cleansing, and then “rinse” off the excess oil with only water. After patting your face dry, you’ll notice that you don’t actually need face cream because the coconut oil and water combination actually allowed the oil to penetrate into your skin without leaving an oily film on your face. If you do try this tip, make sure you use a primer or a powder that has sunscreen in it (since coconut oil does not protect against the sun!)

For fresh face makeup, the two things you want to really focus on are your eyebrows and your skin. Use some concealer or light stick foundation to even out your skin and set it with a great powder that absolutely matches your skin tone. Since your eyes are probably still groggy and waking up, the last thing you want is your neck, face, and body to be three different colors due to using a mismatched face powder.

Adding eyeshadow is quite optional; in fact, if you’re really in a rush, you can run a quick dust of your face powder on your lids. For the lips, you can use our good friend, Vaseline, or you can opt for a lip color that is close to your skin tone. This way, you don’t have to worry about using a liner or worry about looking crazy if you happen to apply product outside of your natural lips.

Contour, blush, and highlight are optional but it takes me about 30 seconds to apply all three because I only use powder. Forget the cream contour, forget the cream blush, and forget the cream highlight. If you stick to powder, you can swab the products faster on your face without having to worry about intricately blending out the cream products. However, if you’re using powder to contour, add blush, and highlight, remember to use your face powder brush to do one light dusting of your face powder all over your face to clean out any harsh lines of demarcation or else your rival will be able to draw sharp 90 degree angles on your face!

Ready, set, slay!