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Mauve Over

In continuation of my neutral nail polish run, I picked up this $2 Mauve Over from Sally Hansen while I was in Target. It’s a pinky mauve color that’s neutral enough to go with a plethora of things. The formula dries instantly and it lasts for one week before it begins to chip, as long as you use two coats of color and apply a top coat to seal it. M  

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Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer Review

While perusing through Sephora’s website, looking for the extra $15 to get me to $50 free shipping, I stumbled upon this gem. I have been a faithful lover of my L.A. Girl ProConceal concealers since I started using them four years ago. My only caveat with them is that they don’t last the whole day. Alas, I found a concealer that does just that! (For more $ though). One thing I absolutely despise about this concealer has to do with the packaging. The concealer only…

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Get Fleeky Eyebrows

Eyebrows. Las Cejas. El hefe de la cara. These bad boys have framed my eyes as I stared down rude people, look happy for great news, create embarassing faces at my crushes, and of course, when people are acting crazy, I can slay them with my #arch.  Although this technique may not work for everyone, I’m going to show you how I take my brows from sparcelandia to fleeklandia.  First, some essential tools: Let’s recap why each of these tools are essential. SPOOLEY The spooley is your best…

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