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Cruising In Ensenada, Mexico

The final destination of our cruise was Ensenada, Mexico, and according to everyone we asked there, they all recommended we try the fish tacos. $1 tacos and $2 mango coladas? Yes please. Next, we had wine tasting of five different wines that were made in a winery that’s owned by a woman. Don’t worry, the prices are in pesos! What’s a wine tasting without some banana-flavored olive oil and bread? Tuna fish farms on the Pacific Ocean Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico The plates of the cars…

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Munching at Sea: Carnival Cruise Food

What do we want? F O O D When do we want it? N O W Where do we want it? Ok now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to formally add a disclaimer that this post will contain numerous photos of irresistibly appetizing food. Hungry readers, be forewarned. Exactly 10 days ago, my friends and I went on a cruise to Mexico in commemoration of us finishing college and embarking on a new journey. While we were excited for our cruise adventure, no one…

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