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Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask Review

During winter break, for some ungodly reason, I decided to leave my amazing bentonite clay mask at school. About a week and a half into being home, all those little pimple things that aren’t actually surface pimples, but they feel like pimples under your skin started to form under my cheeks and I hated the feeling! Unfortunately, I did not have my bentonite clay with me to whip up a mask that’ll syphon all those almost-a-pimple-but-not-really-a-pimple away. I didn’t want to buy another bentonite clay mask…

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Petal Fresh Aloe and Pomegranate Clay Facial Masque Review

While home on winter break, I took the liberty of perusing through my skincare stash and I found this gem that I bought four years ago! Thankfully, there was no expiration date so I was good to go. This petal fresh aloe & pomegranate facial clay masque claims to be purifying and I actually find it to be more on the moisturizing side. For purifying masks, I prefer to use my bentonite clay mask or the Formula 10.0.6 mud mask if I’m looking for  a milder…

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Get Smooth Skin: Bentonite Clay Mask Review

I’d first like to thank my friend, Ida, for changing my life by introducing me to this product! I got this jar of bentonite clay about two years ago for $12 off of Amazon. I didn’t really use it that much when I first got it. But then about a month ago, I said yolo, and the rest is history. The clay is a very fine greenish gray powder. To make the mask, you’ll need a plastic bag, a spoon, and a cap of water~1 tablespoon…

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